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Breeding Giant Schnauzers  for Show, and Pets!

Our Giant Schnauzer Puppies are sold in North Georgia

Almost Heaven Kennel sits on 45 acres located in North East, GA on the Georgia - South Carolina border. We are dedicated to excellence and want all of our customers to be happy and our giant schnauzer puppies to be healthy. We take pride in breeding our dogs and are dedicated to insuring optimal health and behavior of our giant schnauzers. All of our Giant Schnauzers are hand picked from some of the finest breeders in the world. They are all AKC registered. Our giant schnauzers are a huge part of our lives. They have various amazing qualities that make them a loyal and well behaved member of the family.


Our giant schnauzer puppies are for sale at various times of the year. Please note that puppy availability is limited. Contact us for more detailed information and we will get back to you at our earliest convenience.

Get Your Giant Schnauzer Puppy from Us!

We are dedicated to ethical and healthy breeding practices that insure happy healthy puppies and satisfied dog owners. Contact us for more information or read about our kennel below. Giant Schnauzer puppies for sale in Ga.

Giant Schnauzer puppies for sale in Ga

Giant Schnauzer Puppy Availability

Almost Heaven Giants has Giant Schnauzer puppies for sale. We sell and breed our giants shnauzers directly from our kennel in Georgia. Check out our puppy availability or contact us directly to get your very own giant schnauzer puppy!

Learn more about puppy availability. Reserve your pup today! Contact Us for more information.

Breed Information and What To Expect from a Giant Schnauzer

Giant Schnauzers are loyal and overall amazing dogs. They are great wit family members and even other pets. The giant schnauzer breed has been known to be easily trainable and always becomes a huge part of the family!

Learn about the Giant Schnauzer breed and why they are so amazing and great for any home.

About The Almost Heaven Giants Kennel

Interested in getting your own giant schnauzer puppy? Contact us for more information. If you are in the Georgia area please check out the Almost Heaven Giants kennel.

General information about buying a Giant Schnauzer puppy in Georgia. Contact Us for more information.

Giant Schnauzer puppies for sale in Ga

A giant schnauzer makes an amazing pet for various households. We have fallen in love with this breed due to the various characteristics it possess. Its amazing to see how well they adapt to situations and how quickly they learn. Training has proven to be much easier than other breeds being how eager the giant schnauzer breed is to please. Check out some of our giant schnauzer family members. We couldn't imagine not having them in our lives.

Ro Lawrenceville 2 website - Edited.jpg

GCHG Argentine Gigolo de Barba Negra

Grand Champion Argentine Gigolo de Barba Negra. Romeo got his championship in 2 short shows. After that, he was shown in 3 more shows and achieved his Grand Championship. This is all before he turned a year old. He is a  gorgeous imported Giant Schnauzer from Argentina. Romeo has impeccable champion bloodlines from his sire and dam. His sire,  Ch Gran Houdini de Barba Negra, is a Champion in the US and all over South America, Caribbean, and Abroad, Romeo is blazing his own path! AKC Registered

We are happy to announce that Romeo took Select Dog at the 2023 Westminster Kennel Club Show. 


2022 Romeo finishes the year as the #1 AKC Giant Schnauzer Dog in the Country!!! He did this with limited showings throughout the year. To say we are proud of him is a understatement!!


2021 AKC #9 Giant Schnauzer Dog in the country!! 

2020, 2021, and 2022 AKC Grand Championship rankings have Romeo as the #1 Giant Schnauzer in Georgia!!

Ranger BOB (2) - Edited.jpg

CH Skansen's Southern Connection

Champion Skansen's Southern Connection. Ranger, at his first show, before becoming Champion won Best of Breed over numerous other non champions and Champions. Ranger has prestigious Champion bloodlines. His pedigree reads like the who's who of Giant Schnauzers. Ranger, is a proven Champion producing sire.


AKC Registered

thumbnail (1)_edited.jpg

Almost Heaven's Harmony Grace

Beautiful Giant Schnauzer. Her mother was imported from Argentina. Harmony is our very first giant that hooked us to the breed. She is very loyal and affectionate to her family! AKC Registered.

Karma Champion BOB (1).jpg

CH Almost Heaven's Servin' Up Karma

Karma is a beautiful Giant Schnauzer. She got her Championship in less than a month. Like her sire, Karma took Best of Breed over numerous Champions, Grand Champions, and other non-Champions before she earned her title of Champion. She is sired by our Champion Skansens Southern Connection and her Dam is Princess Izzy. AKC Registered. 


GSM Midnight Mystique

Beautiful Import from Mexico. Her sire GSM Darkseid and dam Histyle Pamela are both Champions. Look for her at the shows in 2022. More info to follow.

updated pic soon


Almost Heaven's Princess Izzy

Beautiful American coat Giant Schnauzer. Izzy is a proven Champion producing dam. Dam of Almost Heaven's Servin' Up Karma. She is also the sweetest Giant that loves her family. Watching over Levi as he was her own child! She a loves to play and run with her fur family. AKC Registered


Almost Heaven's Winter Jubilee

Beautiful Giant Schnauzer. Juju is the sweetest most affectionate Giant!  AKC Registered

Merica website.jpg

Almost Heaven's American Honey

Absolutely gorgeous daughter of our Champion Ranger. She has a amazing presence and attitude!! AKC Registered

Giant Schnauzer puppies for sale in ga.

At Almost Heaven Kennel. We are dedicated to breeding to enhance the Giant Schnauzer breed. We hand picked all of our Giant Schnauzer puppies for their conformation and temperaments.  

Puppy health and overall well being is so important to us here at Almost Heaven Giants. We treat and care for each giant schnauzer puppy as if it were our own.

Learn About AKC registered dogs. Learn More...

Almost Heaven Kennel


Almost Heaven Giants

Northeast, GA


Giant schnauzer puppies for sale in ga.
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