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Giant Schnauzer Puppies for sale in Ga

About Us

About Almost Heaven Giants and our amazing Giant Schnauzer puppies. We offer Giant Schnauzer Puppies for sale in Ga.

About Almost Heaven Giants

My daughter-in-law introduced us to the Giant Schnauzer breed. It was love at first sight. I began the search for a Giant of my own. That search showed me that there is a need for ethical breeders of Giant Schnauzer puppies. So with my daughter-in-law's help and our property. I decided I would start Almost Heaven Giants, a kennel located in Georgia that is dedicated to ethically breeding giant schnauzer puppies.

Almost Heaven Giants Kennel | A Giant Schnauzers Paradise

Our kennel is located in Georgia and has over 17 acres of land for our Giant Schnauzer family members. We treat each puppy as if it were our own. Each pup is well cared for with proper diet and ethical industry standard breeding practices. This insures a healthy giant schnauzer pup for all of our future clients. It important to understand each puppy is different and requires special attention. We make it our goal to have our giant schnauzer puppies ready for a new home so that both the future owners and puppies are happy.

Why buy a Giant Schnauzer Puppy from Almost Heaven Giants?

At Almost Heaven Kennel. We are dedicated to breeding to enhance the Giant Schnauzer breed. We handpicked all of our Giant Schnauzer puppies for their conformation and temperaments. We are dedicated to excellence. We will insure to answer all breed questions to insure owners have full understanding of proper care and exactly what it takes to keep your puppy healthy, happy, and well trained.



Have a question about our Giant Schnauzer puppies? Feel free to contact us by phone, email or live chat.

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