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Our Giant Schnauzer puppies are all very healthy and are always well cared for! Most of our Giant Schnauzers are from Skansen bloodlines and all are AKC registered. This is a highly accepted and prized bloodline that often has been seen winning various awards.

Schnauzer Puppies

  • Great with Family & other Animals

  • Territorial/ Protective

  • Intelligent and Easy to Train

Overall Giant Schnauzer's are a loyal well behaved breed that does well with children, guests, and even other animals! They love to please their owners and recommend to start training early. Giant Schnauzers love their owners and family members. They are protective breed that does well with direction.


Weight & Height

Giant Schnauzer Height

They stand up to 27.5 inches at the shoulder and can weigh up to 95 pounds. They are a strong a powerful dog but still do well with being gentle giants.

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Schnauzer Characteristics

Smart Is an Understatement for the Schnauzer

Just how smart is the Giant Schnauzer? This breed has been known to work various important positions like various types of police work, rescue work, and even as a guide dog.

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Keep your Giant Schnauzer active

Giant Schnauzers are a active breed! They enjoy running and long walks with their owners. They also enjoy clowning around the back yard.

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Giant Schnauzers should be fed quality food. We insure that all of our dogs have optimal nutrients in their balanced diets. Its also very important to consider age when feeding any dog. In terms of food choice for the Giant Schnauzer, they aren't too picky. When visiting a vet you can always ask about diet and weight for more informative answers.

See The Official Dog Feeding Guide Here:

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